ArtiPeeps Collaboration

The Norse Project.  The Nine Realms

                                                  “...our next large-scale, epic project inspired by the Norse Sagas

                                                  (specifically the 9 realms of norse mythology) will have begun. This project

                                                  involves near-on 50 Twitter poets, arts, musicians and sculptors, and will

                                                  run online for 9 months culminating in an poetry,art, music exhibition in

                                                  Hanse House in September 2015.”

Links to pages where my Norse stories can be found:

Alfheim - realm of the light elves: Fairer than the Sun

Midgard - realm of the people: Duck, Cover, Hold

Muspelheim - realm of fire: Battling Infernos

Helheim - the realm through which men must pass to reach Nifelheim:

Strata and Strata of Faults Through Time

Nifelheim - realm of the dead: Cutting Out the Bad

Nidavellir - realm of dwarves: The Smile of Gold and Dust

Jotunheim - realm of giants: The Other Female

Vanaheim - realm of magic: The Music-Speak of Kvasir

Asgard - realm of the war gods: Yggdrasill Groans