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Amanda Saint    April 2016

Today, I'm delighted to welcome Amanda Saint, another talented Urbane author to my website.  

Her wonderful debut novel, As If I Were A River, is released today, and is the story of three generations of women, Una, Laura and Kate.  It deals with loss, denial and acceptance, and explores how life events can often take us in unexpected directions...  Read more

Tracey-anne McCartney    Feb 2016

It is my pleasure to welcome the talented Tracey-anne McCartney over to my website.  Her debut novel, 'A Carpet of Purple Flowers', is a sumptuous read, and can be purchased  through Urbane Publications... Read more

Interviewed by Natalie Bowers    Summer 2014

Guest post about rejections here, and about flash fiction here

Interviewed by Calum Kerr for the FlashFlood Journal    June 2013

Guest post about editing here

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