A selection of my short fiction pieces:

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Flash fiction:

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Checkout Girl                                                                                    The Casket of Fictional

Fragile                                                                                                 Delights (audio)

Dinosaurs Don't Visit Tesco                                                           Pygmy Giant

Peter's Armageddon                                                                       FlashFlood Journal

Nail Trimmings                                                                                    FlashFlood Journal

Double Trouble                                                                                 Burrst

A selection of 75-word stories                                                       Paragraph Planet

A selection of my Visual Verse flash fictions

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Short stories:

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Rulers and Fools                                                                              ArtiPeeps

The Right Time to Fly                                                                      Exeter Writers Competition

Mia, My Trigger - 1st place.  Retreat West 'Smoking' themed competition. Anthology: Inside These Tangles, Beauty Lies

I loved the way that there is a novel’s-worth of story in a very short piece, and how well-done it is. The story doesn’t feel clipped at all, and yet every word has been made to count. The characters are rounded, real, especially the narrator, whose sadness and resignation at the events  of the story are palpable. I won’t forget it - it will make me take more notice of those people who brave the cold to feed the need for a cigarette, and wonder what their stories are.

Judge: Vanessa Gebbie 

The Mad Schemes of Morris - 1st place Greenacres Writers competition

The dark wit of this short story reminds me of those of the great Roald Dahl, and I'm a bit worried about Morris' future with this big pouncing cat in the house. The metamorphosis of Morris and finally also his wife draws great parallels to real life couples who secretly dream of a fresh start without their long-term partner. I really enjoyed reading this story, so good luck to the author. I wish him/her a great future as an author.  Judge: Bettina von Cossel

The Parapet - 2nd Place Penfro Book Festival

The subject of the First World War is very much in our minds this year, but it's difficult to do it justice in a story written so long after the events. 'The Parapet' succeeds in making a soldier's experiences so present and affecting that it brings an uncanny sense of what it might have felt like to be there.

Judge: Maria Donovan